Why are my ads /accounts being deleted?

Sep 21, 2019
There are many reasons your ads and or accounts can be suspended or deleted. We will list a few common reasons: Miscatagorized Posts or posting ads in the wrong category such as posting  your car for sale in adult dating..or any other miscombination. General spam, too many identical or nearly identical posts being text and or pictures. Individuals posting adult ads in non-adult categories are typically banned from future posting. Please take some time and get to know the website. If you need a new category added message us from your account and make a suggestion . FREE POSTERS>>>PLEASE DO NOT POST FREE IDENTICAL ADS AND PICTURES EVERY DAY> IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR AD RANKING AND NOT GOOD FOR US AS YOUR WEBSITE AND PLACE TO POST! ...........PAID USERS May post as many paid identical ads as needed but when paid period is expired and ads are in FREE status, duplicate or identical ads may be cleaned up as they do not benefit the poster or website..
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